Bad the memories can haunt you for your whole life

When a person experiences something bad the memories can haunt you for your whole life. People will do anything, even turn to drugs, to make the memories go away. I found a way to help make the memories go away.

One of my patients posted this today and asked me to share it. This was written by a young woman who had all but given up hope. And now her life is just beginning. This could be you, too.

Wow I don’t know where to start lol The best decision I’ve made was walking in Dr.howards office the day I got off stabilization. I am a addict who was lost I had so much guilt & shame and I was 2 weeks sober so my emotions were EVERYWHERE!!!! I knew the only way to be able to stay sober was to talk to someone now mind u I don’t trust or open up to just anyone but there was something special about Dr.Howard he’s caring mind & understanding I truly believe he help me save my life!!! From the very first session he helped me with a exercise that helped me face some of my fears & some closure and took so much weight off my shoulders when I opened my eyes that afternoon I felt like I did when I was 17 like I wasn’t holding the weight on my shoulders like I’ve been the last decade ❤❤ I now learning to love myself again I’m able to face life on life terms I’m reunited with my mother i know have a baby on the way 🥰 I AM SO GRATEFUL I WALKED IN THAT OFFICE AUG 21 2019 I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU SO MUCH DR.HOWARD FOR HELPING ME GET MY LIFE BACK❤

During the next month I will be working with many patients via the internet using telehealth video chat. I encourage everyone take a step toward healing and schedule a time for your first step toward creating your improved life.

Let's connect
Let's connect

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