How to treat the memories of trauma that can ruin our lives

I discovered how to treat the memories of trauma that can ruin our lives. The memories of someone hurting us when we were young, the memory of letting someone down, or the memory of seeing or experiencing something very bad. These memories tend to play over and over in our minds and contribute to anxiety, fear, and mental illness. And, unfortunately, they contribute to self-medicating, the use of non-prescribed medication and substances, to block the memories because they are too terrible to bear.

I am also very happy to say that the initial treatment takes less than a half-hour. I am not surprised by the many responses I have received over the past few years to my posts about this treatment the include words of doubt and disbelief. I did not believe it myself for my years after I developed the treatment and used it successfully until I finally listened to my many patients who told me how this short treatment “cured” them and made it possible for them to start healing.

It is amazing to see how over 70% of my patients, many of whom are struggling with addiction and years of homelessness, improve their lives dramatically within 3-6 months.

But this treatment is not a cure for mental illness … ongoing treatment is still needed and should be provided by a professional. However, I do not believe this treatment has to be provided by a licensed mental health professional. Some of my patients used it with their peers and friends and reported equally great success.

And soon, I will make it available to everyone. Please join me in spreading the word: there is now a treatment for those suffering from the memories of trauma..

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