Make the nightmares go away

I found a way to make the nightmares go away. I discovered how to treat the memories of traumatic events that haunt you and make it possible for you to let go of the pain and guilt at the same time. I found a way to help you heal.

I found that the mind is strong and ready to rebuild as soon as you retake control of your life. You may start to heal immediately and continue to grow for the rest of your life.

The other day, a young man participated in a video session and he told me about the trauma he experienced when he was young — how it went on for years and no one saved him until he finally got the courage to tell — and then the adults who were supposed to protect him didn’t believe him. And then he told me about the nightmares that occur every night and make his days very hard to handle. And he told me about how he self-medicated, starting when he was in his early teens, to make the memories go away.

I talked to him the following week after walking him through the Cognitive Confrontation session and he said the nightmares were gone. He said he is sleeping through the night and feeling good — and how he is going to continue his progress in treatment by taking only prescribed psych medication.

What is so exciting is that this 30 minute treatment helps over 70% of those who participate. The process of healing builds over time and includes the growing realization that you are back in control and can succeed. Continuing mental health treatment is important including prescribed psych meds when needed.

I challenge you to take a step toward healing. The memories of the trauma that control your life can go away — you can be you again. Isn’t it time you find the healing you deserve?

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Let's connect

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