Memories of traumatic life events never go away until you find Your Hidden Door

When something bad happens the memory plays over and over and over in your mind and no matter how hard you try to stop it the memory plays on. You might try to push the memory down deep to keep from thinking about it but it always surfaces just when least expected. And no matter how much you want to find a way out, you find that you are caught in a never-ending, repeating nightmare of guilt, pain, loss, and despair.

Until you relax, focus, and confront the pain and loss. This is the path to finding Your Hidden Door – the way out of the never ending nightmare. Once found, the mind starts to heal and progress begins.

I will soon make this short, very effective mind exercise available to everyone. Over 70% of my patients who participated in one 30 minute Cognitive Confrontation exercise experienced improvement. Nightmares stopped. Anxiety Decreased. Their lives started to improve and for most, treatment progressed for the first time. Once they found their Hidden Door the healing began and continued. In fact, within 3-6 months, the biggest problem they faced was that they were progressing too fast and the system of care — benefits, housing, drug treatment, etc. — moved too slow.

I also discovered that you don’t have to be a mental health professional to use this mind exercise to help others. Some of my patients used it on their friends and reported similar successes as I experienced in the office! That is why I developed a step-by-step guide for this amazing mind exercise.

Your Hidden Door is waiting to be found. I look forward to working with you and to sharing Cognitive Confrontation with all victims of traumatic life events and the memories that follow. It is time for to find Your Hidden Door.

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Let's connect

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