Our program is designed to get you started with three sessions with telephone/video consultation.

    • Intake Session: Development of a mental health diagnosis. In this session we obtaining a history of the patient’s mental health, substance abuse, trauma, and health background, including the development of a mental health diagnosis. We help identify the trauma/loss you experienced.
    • Treatment Session: Cognitive session with follow up discussion. In this session you would participate in a Cognitive Confrontation to address issues related to the trauma/loss you experienced.
    • Follow-up Session: Counseling session with the patient to discuss the treatment, outcome, and plans for follow-up mental health and/or substance abuse counseling. Recommendations for follow-up mental health and/or substance abuse treatment. Includes links to resources:
      • A list of/link with counseling services located near the patients.
      • A link with services having a proprietary relationship with this company.
      • Other referral process to existing provider services.
    • Manual: Cognitive Confrontation Manual also provided. You will receive a copy of the Cognitive Confrontation Manual. Use it to repeat this exercise on your own and with others who suffer from the memories of loss, grief, and traumatic experiences.

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Let's connect

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