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You have two ways to start your journey:

    • Buy the manual: You can self-start with the help of a caregiver or loved one by downloading our manual. The manual is also a great resource for those working with persons suffering from traumatic memories.
    • Sign Up: You can sign up for the program and and have us guide you through the process with three sessions with telephone/video consultation. The manual is included in the program. No need to buy it if you are signing up for the program.
Find Your Hidden Door

Cognitive Confrontation


  • This manual will explain the 5 steps you can follow to find peace
  • Establishing a Safe Zone
  • Setting the Stage
  • Release of Pain
  • Control Returned
  • The Mirror and The Hidden Door
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  • Our program is designed to get you started with three sessions with telephone/video consultation.
  • Intake Session: Development of a mental health diagnosis.
  • Treatment Session: Cognitive session with follow up discussion.
  • Follow-up Session: Counseling session to discuss treatment.
  • Manual: Cognitive Confrontation Manual also provided.
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Let's connect
Let's connect

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