What can we do to help ourselves… to help our neighbors and friends… to help society… to heal?  Like the memory of the actual traumatic events that haunt the victims, the cycle is like a bad dream that replays over and over, from one generation to the next. Those who are one generation’s victims may inadvertently harm their own children.  Those with untreated mental health problems may lack the skills to cope with their symptoms and self-medicate as a result … only to leave emotional scars on their children as their parents did to them.   Unfortunately, many of these children are pulled from their families by Child Protective Services in order to protect them, only to add another layer of trauma to their young lives.

The memories of trauma play over and over and over in our minds from one generation to the next… and there is little hope for escape until you find Your Hidden Door.

There is a way out of the memory… the door has always existed but is never in sight… it only appears when you realize that you can control your own destiny… when you no longer have to be the victim of some terrible event.

I discovered how to help you find Your Hidden Door.  I discovered how to help you stop seeing yourself as the Victim and to regain control of your life, as the Victor.  You take control of your destiny and take the first step toward being You.  The traumatic event you may have experienced is bad but the memory of that event replays over and over in your mind making you really doubt yourself.  “Was it my fault?”  “I could have done more.”  “Why didn’t they believe me when I told them?”  And you are stuck with no way out.  And then you may not be able to cope and handle things well and turn to drugs or alcohol to help you get through each day… or just blame others for everything that goes wrong.  And then your kids are hurt because you are not able to be the real You… and the cycle continues.

Let me help you find Your Hidden Door.  This is the first step toward healing.  As I shared in the past, “He who saves one life is as if he has saved the entire world.”  (Ethics of Our Fathers)   That one life you save could be your own or that of your child.

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Let's connect

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