The door out of the recurring memory of one or more terrible experiences that happened a long time ago?  I may be able to set you free from those recurring memories. I developed a way to help you find your hidden door — the way out and the first step toward a new life.  And now I am seeking your help in documenting the effectiveness of this short and amazingly successful intervention.

I developed what may be the only treatment in the world that quickly and effectively reduces/eliminates symptoms related to experiencing trauma. These symptoms, like nightmares, anxiety, loss of self-confidence, and memories of the event that run in a loop and never end, have ruined many lives. Many people turn to drug use out of desperation as a means of numbing themselves so the memories will stop, if only for a little while.  Others try to bury the memories so that they can move forward with their lives – but the memories resurface time and time again.

How many people who experience those recurring memories will actually contact me and participate in my study to fully document the effectiveness of this intervention? I am asking volunteers to 1) Agree to Participate, 2) Answer questions related to their experiences, 3) Participate in the Cognitive Confrontation Intervention (15 minutes),    4) Answer a few follow up questions, and 5) Participate in a brief phone or video session once a month for 6 months.  

Help me help everyone who suffers from the symptoms of trauma related memories. Let me work with you so you can find your hidden door and escape the memories.  So, I challenge you, take a step toward healing and peace.

Let's connect
Let's connect

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